Tips for Affair Dating

Tips To Help You Get Kinky In The Bedroom Tonight

Get Kinky In The Bedroom

Having an affair is supposed to be fun and sexy. Don’t let things get boring when you hit the bedroom. This is your time to go a little bit crazy and try things you normally wouldn’t. Why not get adventurous with your affair and switch things up a bit?

Some Helpful Hints

There is a lot to be said for doing something a little bit out of the norm with your affair. You can get wild with some of these tips.

Bring Food In The Bedroom

Bringing food into the bedroom can be hot. There is nothing sexier than licking …

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Having An Emotional Affair Is The New Fun Affair

Having An Emotional Affair

Not every affair you have fills a sexual need. Sometimes sex isn’t the problem. A new study has shown that men and women a like are having emotional affairs. So what exactly is an emotional affair and how do we know if we are having one?

While some people search to have an affair because their life is lacking the sexual grasp of what it used to have. Emotional affairs play along the same lines. You are looking to find that emotional connection with another person to fill a certain void. We hope we have broken it down …

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Having An Online Affair Can Really Help You Feel Loved

Having An Online Affair

While this is similar to having an emotional affair, in the end they are actually very different. Having an online affair can give you the comfort that you need, while also playing out a certain fantasy.

Having A Connection

Having a connection with someone you met in a chat room can feel nice. You develop a relationship with that person and you realize that you might have feelings for them. However, you might be not ready to take that to the next level and have an actual physical affair. Keeping it online allows you to leave any situation …

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Why Do Men Cheat VS Why Do Women Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat Versus Why Do Women Cheat?

We know that cheating is common among the general population. However, it’s hard to tell why one gender cheats. We have compiled a study to show why men cheat and why women cheat. Some of the results are similar, but often they are very different.

What Makes Men Cheat?

Men cheat for a number of reasons. They have a big ego that needs stroking so they go out and they find a girl to do just that. They need to feel like they are important and wanted by every women out there. It’s an …

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How Does An Affair Affect Your Personal Mental Health

How Does An Affair Affect Your Mental Health

We all know that cheating can save a relationship, but did you know that it is actually good for your mental health? When people tell you that what you are doing is wrong or shameful, you can tell them that it is actually helping your mental health and that you have never been happier. 

It’s Only Wrong If You Think It Is Wrong

Just because someone tells you what you are doing is wrong, does not mean it is wrong. Telling someone killing animals for meat is wrong, doesn’t make it true. Telling people …

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How To Get Yourself A Three Way With These Easy Steps

How To Get Yourself A Three Way

Learn how to wheel yourself a three way with our simple steps. There is nothing more fun because two is always better than one. Follow our steps for success. You can try on your own all you want, but you might want to try our tips. We can guarantee you success.

Communicate Your Wants

Let your spouse know that you would be interested in spicing things up. Maybe even bring someone else into the relationship with you two. A threesome can be pleasurable for the two of you and open you up sexually with your partner.Threesomes …

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How To Have An Open Relationship With Your Spouse

How To Have An Open Relationship

Sometimes your spouse can be really cool about the whole cheating thing. Having an open relationship is a lot more common now a days than you think. Will and Jada Smith do it. Tilda Swinton and her husband do it. These relationships are stronger than most because they have the freedom to explore their needs, while not actually considering it cheating.

Put Your Cards On The Table

Sit your spouse down and explain that having an open relationship will be better for their relationship. Inform them that both of you would be allowed to cheat within boundaries …

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Is Cheating Really All That Bad In The Long Run

Is Cheating Really That Bad?

We understand that most people think that cheating is wrong, but in the long run, is cheating all that bad? We would like to think it is actually not. We have come up with a great defense as to why we think that cheating really isn’t bad. We believe that humans are not meant to be monogamous creatures. Cheating is not as bad as you think it is going to be. People just overreact because they are hurt, but in the long run, it is not that bad at all.

Why Be Unwanted?

If you love your husband …

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The Types Of People Who Are Most Likely To Cheat

The Types Of People Who Are More Likely To Cheat

While anyone and their mothers can cheat on someone. That is not reserved to a select group of people. There are certain tropes of people who are more likely to cheat. If you find yourself in love with these people or you find yourself to be one of these people, then you will understand a bit more.


Actors have a tendency to put their heart and soul in to everything they do. They will bare their soul to anyone and everyone. They are very in touch with their emotions. Not to mention, …

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How To Not Get Attached To Your Affair Romantically

How To Not Get Attached To Your Affair

We understand that when you give yourself to a person, you can’t help but become a bit attached to them. However, getting attached romantically to your affair can lead to dangerous territories. This is the number one place you don’t want to get too attached in.

Don’t Open Up As Much

Your wife or husband is reserved for all your feelings and emotions. Your affair is not. When you open up emotionally to someone you let them into your life. You feel attached to them. This can cause you to have stronger feelings for them. …

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