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I was deciding between and another site, and I could not be happier that I decided to go with this one. I’ve met some amazing women. I was pretty skeptical about actually being able to meet someone using an affair dating site, but I was pleasantly surprised and happy to say that I was wrong to be weary of this particular affair site. Visit SiteRead Review
2 has made affair dating easier for me then I ever thought that it could be. There’s no hassle, and I’m not afraid for my privacy or discretion. They make those things their top priority, which makes life a hell of a lot easier and much less stressful for their members. Visit SiteRead Review
I had such a great experience finding an affair partner on that I want to make sure everyone out there looking knows all about it! If I had chosen any other site to use I’m confident that I wouldn’t have had nearly the same results as I did here, and I’m very thankful that I listened to my buddy when he said to use this one over the others. Thanks man, I owe you one. Visit SiteRead Review
I never thought a dating site could change someone’s life so substantially before I used It’s opened my eyes to so much about women. I understand my wife so much better; our marriage is better than it’s been in years and it’s all because of the affairs that I’ve had on this site. Never say that nothing good can come out of having an affair, but it most definitely can! Visit SiteRead Review

Website Star Rating Review
As far as scam sites go, is pretty impressive. They make their ads really appealing, but once they have your credit card info, they stop caring. It’s extremely obvious once you start to notice it, but unfortunately, it took me about 3 months to fully recognize that I was indeed being scammed by the dating affair site. Read Review
I wish someone had told me how terrible was before I signed up, so that’s what I’m doing here – warning everyone that it’s not legit. It’s nothing but a major waste of time and energy that won’t result in anything happening for you at all. Read Review
If knew how to operate as a real affair dating site, then I wouldn’t have been caught using it. My wife found out, and I lost everything. The whole appeal of an affair dating site is the discretion and privacy behind them, but this one most definitely doesn’t offer that at all. The billing offers zero discretion, so if I hadn’t been the one in charge of the bills my wife definitely would’ve found out sooner. Read Review
You have no idea what a true scam looks like unless you’ve used They take your money and your time and give you nothing in return. I spent 3 months of my life on this site trying to add some spice to it by having an affair, and that most certainly never happened. Read Review
If I could go back in time and change anything from the past 3 months, I would tell myself NOT to join I got caught thanks to them. They have zero concept of discretion and privacy, which is ridiculous because it’s a site made for people who need those exact things for their affairs to work. I’m extremely unhappy with my experience on this affair dating site. Read Review
If you are really looking to have an affair, then is definitely not where you want to go – unless you want you pay money to waste your time. I personally do not enjoy that, so I was less than impressed with my experience on this site. Read Review