Step 2: How To Avoid the Affair Dating Sites Scams

Step 2: How To Avoid the Affair Dating Sites Scams

Affair dating has a lot of risks attached with it, and for some people that is part of the fun. However, many affair dating sites are used to bait cheating husbands and catch them red-handed in the act. Some affair dating sites are completely made up of Private Investigators who pose as attractive women looking to hook up with married men or women. Sometimes, these investigators aren’t even hired specifically by a scorned spouse, but rather they are hired by the affair dating site itself or they work for themselves, scamming men out of large sums of money. Commonly how it works is when they catch a married man in the act of using an affair dating website they give the man an ultimatum. You’ll find yourself in a very unpleasant situation of having to choose between paying these investigators a large sum of money or else they will tell your spouse about your attempted affair. Either way, you’re screwed and not in the fun kind of way that you were hoping to be. If you are worried about how to tell whether the affair dating sites you’ve signed up for are real or not, we have some tell tale signs for you to watch for.

Use an Affair Dating Site Risk Free

When you are using something like an affair dating site there is always going to be a a certain level of risk. This is not just due to the potential of your chosen affair dating site being one that private investigators lurk on and use to scam people out of money but it also comes down to you and how careful you are. In our guide, we already went through the first step to having a successful affair: planning. Keep in mind all of the tips on how to have a successful affair experience when you are signing up for affair dating sites and check out our reviews when you are choosing the right affair dating sites to sign up to. We have personally ensured and can guarantee that the sites listed in our reviews have everything you need and NO scammers in sight.

So how do you tell whether the person is a scam or not? The new age of online dating has brought in several affair dating sites that claim they can get you what you want and need. However, most of these sites are run by private investigators that will drain you of either all your money or your entire family. Men are more commonly targeted by these sites but more and more women are also choosing to sign up to affair dating sites specifically catered to them and private investigators are getting on board with those sites as well.

What Are the Signature Tells that You’re getting Scammed?

It’s an unfortunate fact that private investigators control the affair dating industry. They lurk in all corners of the internet watching and waiting for the right moment to strike. SEVERAL affair dating sites are a hub for private investigators to set their traps. They pose as beautiful women — and recently also handsome men for the cheating wives — ready to get all the information they can from you. By the time you suspect something, you’ve already fallen into their trap. Private investigators take over most of the affair dating sites and they are incredibly good at what they do. These private investigators are very difficult to spot. Most people who are joining affair dating sites don’t know how to spot these people. Luckily, we have found a couple of tell tale signs for you to look out for when you’re chatting with people on affair dating sites. Using this article as a way to spot the scammers will most certainly ensure that you will come out with a real woman or man, not a private investigator ripping you out of money and ruining your fun.

Here is how you can tell whether the person you are speaking to on affair dating sites is the real deal. There are THREE golden rules.

1. It’s an Affair Dating Site, Let’s be Discreet.

Here’s a scenario: you’ve signed up for a couple of affair dating sites and found a person that seems really promising. As you continue to chat, they start asking questions and talking about topics that become more and more invasive. This is a very easy trap to settle into if the scammer in question is good at talking the talk. They’ll butter you up and make the transition between flirting and fun to interrogative so flawlessly that you won’t realize that they are actually getting information from you instead of expressing interest. Any real person that you’ll find on affair dating sites know better than to ask for really personal details. This is ESPECIALLY true about asking ANYTHING to do with the spouse. A real person on any of the affair dating sites we recommend through our reviews know to be discreet.

2. Refusing to Talk or Meet in Person

You’ve been having a great conversation with another man or woman over the affair dating sites you signed up for and feel like it is finally time to meet in person and have a little fun. For some reason, they are suddenly hesitant. If you come across a woman or a man on one of your affair dating sites that don’t want to meet in person or even talk over the phone as some of the cases may be, block them immediately! This is a for sure sign of a scammer that’s going to get you in all sorts of trouble you don’t need. As a note: always talk over the phone first. A private investigator might be more than happy to meet up with you to deliver his ultimatum and then you’re screwed!

3. Joining Affair Dating Sites That Are NOT On Our Review List

GOOD NEWS! We’ve combed through all the affair dating sites so that you don’t have to. We’ve done all the hard work for you so that you can feel confident signing up to several affair dating sites without the dread of being caught by one of these investigators. DO NOT join a site that has not been given positive reviews by us. It’s just going to end in pain.

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