Having An Emotional Affair Is The New Fun Affair

Having An Emotional Affair

Not every affair you have fills a sexual need. Sometimes sex isn’t the problem. A new study has shown that men and women a like are having emotional affairs. So what exactly is an emotional affair and how do we know if we are having one?

While some people search to have an affair because their life is lacking the sexual grasp of what it used to have. Emotional affairs play along the same lines. You are looking to find that emotional connection with another person to fill a certain void. We hope we have broken it down on whether or not emotional affairs are considered cheating.

Why We have Emotional Affairs

We tend to drift towards emotional affairs because of we feel unloved or unwanted in our current relationships. While the sex aspect might be great. You might be lacking in the intimacy department. Not getting the love you need can greatly affect your relationship and want you to look elsewhere.

When you don’t feel wanted, you will seek out someone who wants to be around you. You want to have someone to talk to at the end of every day. Someone who supports you. Someone who is more than a friend to you, someone who loves you. Don’t get confused about what is and isn’t an emotional affair.

How Do You Know If You Are In An Emotional Affair?

There are a few traits to know whether or not you are having an emotional affair. If you find that you are talking to this other person more than your spouse, if you can’t wait to text or call that other person or if you find that you can’t go a day without seeing how they are, you are having an emotional affair. You are just filling a void in your life. This person you are talking to all the time, is giving you what you need emotionally. Having an affair with them does not make you a bad person. Emotional affairs are sometimes needed in our lives.

Having an emotional affair is something healthy for you and your relationship. Even if it never goes further than talking. Don’t feel like you need to feel bad. You deserve to be happy and no one can take that away from you. You need to start looking out for yourself. Do what you need to do to be happy. Your happiness is the only thing that matters. 

To sum it up for you, if you can’t wait to talk to this other person over your spouse? You are having an emotional affair. 

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