Having An Online Affair Can Really Help You Feel Loved

Having An Online Affair

While this is similar to having an emotional affair, in the end they are actually very different. Having an online affair can give you the comfort that you need, while also playing out a certain fantasy.

Having A Connection

Having a connection with someone you met in a chat room can feel nice. You develop a relationship with that person and you realize that you might have feelings for them. However, you might be not ready to take that to the next level and have an actual physical affair. Keeping it online allows you to leave any situation at any time without the fear of your wife or husband knowing.

Cyber Sex

While your affair with them might not be just emotional, it might also be a fantasy you play out in your mind with them. Having cyber sex with someone is a grey area when it comes to cheating. You aren’t actually touching them or seeing them. You are just talking dirty to each other. Something you shouldn’t have to feel bad about at all. Cyber sex isn’t really cheating, it can make most women feel alive. 

If you are having with trouble with cyber sex, just go with the go to’s. Talk about what you want to do to them if they were there. Talk about their parts. Tell them what you want them to do to you. Throw in a few “I wish you were doing that to me right now”. It’ll be easy as pie since the internet has become the new trendy way to cheat.

You Can Be Whoever You Want

Perhaps your life is boring and mundane. You always wished you were someone else. When it comes to having an online affair, you totally can. You can be whomever you want to be. If you want to be a star athlete, 12 years younger or a different sex, you can be. They don’t know you, so you have the freedom to become whomever you want.

Delete Everything When You’re Done

This is the most important thing we can tell you. When you are done a conversation, a cyber sex session, or just in general, done with the relationship, delete everything. Erase your search history and never ever subscribe to anything or add them on any type of social media. The best part about having an online affair is that in a pinch, you can delete everything and pretend like it didn’t happen. This is a major plus side. Don’t get caught chatting with a beautiful girl.

Having an online affair is fun and healthy. You don’t run the risk of getting caught if you erase your search history. You can be who you want. We believe that everyone should at some point engage in an online affair. You will understand what you are missing out on once you do.

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