How Does An Affair Affect Your Personal Mental Health

How Does An Affair Affect Your Mental Health

We all know that cheating can save a relationship, but did you know that it is actually good for your mental health? When people tell you that what you are doing is wrong or shameful, you can tell them that it is actually helping your mental health and that you have never been happier.

It’s Only Wrong If You Think It Is Wrong

Just because someone tells you what you are doing is wrong, does not mean it is wrong. Telling someone killing animals for meat is wrong, doesn’t make it true. Telling people that it’s wrong to eat McDonalds, doesn’t make that true. The truth lies within yourself. If you think what you are doing is wrong, then you’re right. The fact is there is no right or wrong, when it comes to cheating. Your opinion is the only opinion that matters.

It Will End

Your affairs don’t last throughout your entire marriage. Sometimes it’s just a hiccup that you need to get out of your system. Once you do, you will feel way better. You will care about your life a lot more. Your marriage will be saved. Isn’t that the reason you do anything? To save your marriage. Affairs never last forever, but your marriage will. An affair can actually be very great for your health.

You Get Your Happiness Back

You cheated because you felt unwanted, unloved, or even just plain ignored. It might not last forever, but it happened. You decided to do what you needed to do to make yourself happy again. Once it ended, you were back to your old self. How can that be a bad thing? You just decided to do what was right for you.You aren’t a terrible person for having an affair.

Your Relationship Is Terrible For You

Sometimes you can’t leave a crappy relationship. It happens all the time. However, these people tend to find comfort in someone who treats them nice and with respect. Instead of leaving the person who is hurting them, they just want to hurt them back. They want to hurt them back, while also feeling loved at the same time. It’s their way of finding an outlet for their sadness, anger, or loneliness. Having an affair is actually a good thing for your mental health.

Doing what you need to do to make you happy is never wrong. You weren’t doing it to be malicious or vengeful. You just needed to do it because you needed to get back to the person you were. There is no shame in that at any point. We believe in happiness. You do what you got to do to help your own mental health.

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