How To Get Yourself A Three Way With These Easy Steps

How To Get Yourself A Three Way

Learn how to wheel yourself a three way with our simple steps. There is nothing more fun because two is always better than one. Follow our steps for success. You can try on your own all you want, but you might want to try our tips. We can guarantee you success.

Communicate Your Wants

Let your spouse know that you would be interested in spicing things up. Maybe even bring someone else into the relationship with you two. A threesome can be pleasurable for the two of you and open you up sexually with your partner.Threesomes are hot, why not try to spice things up a bit?

Set Your Rules With Each Other

Setting rules in a threesome is key to success. A lot of people use the “the girls can save sex with each other, but she can’t touch the husband” or “the safe word is banana” or “we stop at any point if I get uncomfortable.” These are the most common rules. As long as you adhere to them, you will be so successful. 

If you can’t think of a safe word, there is always a simple way to get out of it. Without it, just calmly say you need to use the rest room or get something to drink or need a breather. Always take these cues from your spouse. If you ever want this to happen again, then you need to be okay with whatever they want.

Trust Each Other

Trust each other and stick to the rules. Always trust each other in a threesome. If your wife sets a rule, you need to stick to it. There is nothing more awkward than starting a fight in the middle of a three way. This should be one of the greatest moments of your life. Here are four steps to having the threesome you want now

What To Do During The Three Way

When you are in the heat of the moment, you might want to break the rules your spouse put down. Don’t do it. Unless they allow you to, you can not break those rules. Also, don’t focus all your attention on the other person. Most of the attention should be on your spouse. Let loose, but don’t lose control. Become the rockstar you have always wanted to be.

Talk About It Afterwards

A day later, sit down with each other and talk about how the whole thing made you feel. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Do you feel like you need to do it again? Get all your emotions out because this is not the time for secrets. 

Having a three way can really make things in your relationship great. You will be happy you did it. If you are lucky enough, you may get to do it again. Be brave and ask. There is never any harm in trying to have a better sex life. 

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