How To Not Get Attached To Your Affair Romantically

How To Not Get Attached To Your Affair

We understand that when you give yourself to a person, you can’t help but become a bit attached to them. However, getting attached romantically to your affair can lead to dangerous territories. This is the number one place you don’t want to get too attached in.

Don’t Open Up As Much

Your wife or husband is reserved for all your feelings and emotions. Your affair is not. When you open up emotionally to someone you let them into your life. You feel attached to them. This can cause you to have stronger feelings for them. It’s like when you first start dating someone, you get to know each other more and that’s when you fall in love. You need to keep your affair at an arm’s length. Otherwise, trouble will ensue.

Find out how to make sure that your affair partner does not fall for you.

Distract Yourself

When you find yourself always thinking about your affair, you need to shut it down. The best way to do that is to distract yourself. Remember your affair is there for a specific reason. You don’t want to screw up your whole life for them. Get a new hobby, focus on your work, do projects around the house. If you can’t think of anything you want to do, then just do anything, see a movie or go for walks. Keeping yourself distracted is the key. There is always a way to distract yourself.

Get Out Before It Gets To Deep

When you start to see yourself falling hard for someone, you need to get out of there while you can. Otherwise, you’ll be acting more suspicious, you will get lazy about hiding things and you might even start self sabotaging. You need to cut the ties loose. Feelings for an affair can never lead to something good. They can be confusing rather than comforting. The key in this scenario is to cut and run. Sometimes it’s not as easy as you think to turn off your brain.

Make Yourself A Tiny Bit Unappealing

We aren’t saying stop showering or start picking your nose. Instead, just do the things that make people feel uncomfortable. Talk with your mouth full, swear at inappropriate times, complain about everything, etc. Just be a person you would want to have sex with, but not be with. Your affair will distance herself from you a bit, but it’ll save your emotions in the end. 

Don’t let your feelings for your affair get to you. We totally get that it is hard to not get a little bit attached. You just need to distance yourself away from these feelings. That way your life can stay in check while your romantic feelings can remain just for your wife. Remember, a happy wife means happy life. (as long as you keep your affair at a distance.) That’s how the saying goes, right?

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