Why Do Men Cheat VS Why Do Women Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat Versus Why Do Women Cheat?

We know that cheating is common among the general population. However, it’s hard to tell why one gender cheats. We have compiled a study to show why men cheat and why women cheat. Some of the results are similar, but often they are very different.

What Makes Men Cheat?

Men cheat for a number of reasons. They have a big ego that needs stroking so they go out and they find a girl to do just that. They need to feel like they are important and wanted by every women out there. It’s an ego complex that happens with most men, especially men in a position of power. It means that they have all the control. 

They have a curiosity when it comes to sex, so they try out new things with new women all the time. Sometimes it might be wanting to try something new and fun. Other times, they might just be infatuated with someone and have a overcoming need to sleep with them. 

Once men start having more consistent sex with someone who isn’t their wife, they will tend to keep cheating so they get to keep having more sex. This can be justified in some cases as having a sex addiction. In other cases, it could just be that he needs someone to love him because he is not getting that in his home life.

What Makes Women Cheat?

Reasons why women cheat are different, but not by far. Women often cheat because they are unhappy in their marriage or relationship. They aren’t feeling as loved or as unwanted as they once were. So they look outside of the relationship to find that. It is completely normal for them to feel this way. 

Women need someone who makes them feel special and makes them feel like they still matter. When a woman is neglected, she might not leave the relationship, but she will definitely stray away from it for a bit. 

However, just like men, they sometimes cheat out of boredom or sexual curiosity. A relationship can be perfect and the sex can be fine, but who wants sex that is just fine? No one. Women will seek out men who will curl their toes in passion if it means getting some excitement in their lives. We hope some of this clears the air as to why women cheat for both emotional and physical reasons.

As you can see, the differences aren’t huge between why men cheat and why women cheat. For men, it’s ego and physical. For women, it’s needing to feel wanted and special. However, we can all agree that excitement and curiosity are some of the leading causes in cheating.

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