The Types Of People Who Are Most Likely To Cheat

The Types Of People Who Are More Likely To Cheat

While anyone and their mothers can cheat on someone. That is not reserved to a select group of people. There are certain tropes of people who are more likely to cheat. If you find yourself in love with these people or you find yourself to be one of these people, then you will understand a bit more.


Actors have a tendency to put their heart and soul in to everything they do. They will bare their soul to anyone and everyone. They are very in touch with their emotions. Not to mention, they have a way of having chemistry with anyone. They are more likely to cheat. As well, actors tend to have sex scenes. Those can get hot and steamy quick. No matter what way you think about it, actors are sensual. It’s not just actors, there’s a huge list of the types of people who are most likely to cheat.


Well, the term ‘groupie‘ isn’t just fun to say. Rockstars and low brow musicians alike will always have women throwing themselves at them for a million different reasons. Music is the way into the heart. They are more likely to cheat. Gene Simmons brags about his extremely high number of conquests. Groupies for years have been writing books about rock stars who cheated on their husbands with them. It’s not always musicians, there are plenty of tropes who are most likely to cheat.

People Whose Ages End In 9

When people are approaching a milestone in their lives, they will start to get scared, which means they will probably end up cheating on you. They feel like they need to do more with their lives or with themselves before they turn 30 or 40 years old. They are more likely to cheat. When a new era of your life begins, you want to show that you are still relevant. There are tons people who are likely to cheat who are about to turn 30 or 40 years of age.

The French

This is not meant to be a rude statement. We all know that France is the place where love is born. Europeans believe that you can love anyone and everyone. Beauty is more than just looks. The French are romantics at heart and generally don’t see a problem with cheating, they see it as loving whomever you want to love. Ils sont plus susceptibles de tricher. That was French for ‘They are more likely to cheat’.

The Typical ‘Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater’

The saying is there for a reason. If someone has cheated once, they will probably cheat again. We all want to think that people will change, but sometimes they just don’t. Cheaters are going to cheat. Time and time again.

Well people who are going to cheat aren’t set in these professions, these are just some of the types. People cheat for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you just want more fun and excitement in your life. 

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