Tips for Affair Dating

How You Can Successfully Have Yourself A Double Life

The Keys To Leading A Successful Double Life

Having an affair isn’t just about sex and lying. It’s about firing a relationship with another person. We want to help you run a successful double life. With these tips, you will be leading two very successful lives, completely separate from each other.

Change Your Name

When having a long-term affair, it’s best and easiest to just give your affair a fake name. That way there’s no ‘getting looked up online’ and if she calls the house and asks for Greg, but your name is actually Mike, your wife won’t question it. Plus, maybe deep …

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A Few Sexy Ways To Make Him Want You More Tonight

How To Make Him Want You

Affairs most of the time are strictly about sex. This means you need to find a way to keep yourself hot to keep him wanting you. We have interviewed customers to give us their tips and tricks about how to make him want you. Making him want you will be the key to success in your relationship with your affair.

Know How To Flirt

Whether you have been with your man for a month or for a week, you need to still be flirtatious. Men liked to be flirted with. They like knowing someone is into them. …

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Tips And Tricks On How To Talk To Someone

How To Talk To Someone Online

When it comes to meet people online when looking for an affair, the chat room can be the hardest place to make yourself sound good or weird. Well, we have compiled a list of great ways to keep the conversation going online before you two even meet.

Have A Good Opener

Sometimes the best opener is just a simple “Hello” or “How are you doing?”. Why over think things when all you need to do is just open up the line of communication? If you want to go above and beyond, comment on their bio or their …

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How To Have Multiple Affairs Without Getting Caught

How To Have More Than One Affair

Nowadays having one affair does not cut it the way it used to. Having more than one affair allows you to explore everything that you want to do. You can have an emotional affair as well as a sexual affair. You can have multiple sexual affairs. Whatever you want, you can have it just as easily as having one affair. You can make having a multiple relationships work.

Time Management

When you are having more than one affair, you need to be careful not to double book yourself. However, you also don’t want to short time …

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Avoid Making Easy Mistakes When It Comes To Affairs

Easy Mistakes You Can Make

Simple mistakes are often the ones that we overlook. You need to be careful when it comes to having an affair. Retrace your steps, don’t get too comfortable. Always remember, that having an affair is something you want to keep a secret. Let us help you avoid making easy mistakes.

If You Like It, Then You Should Put A Lock On It

Have a passcode on your phone that is known only to you. Don’t let your wife have access to your phone. If you already allow your wife to access your phone, get yourself a second phone …

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Reasons Why Are Housewives Are So Damn Hot To Men

Why Are Housewives So Damn Hot?

The question on everyone’s mind is, why are housewives so damn hot? We took some surveys to find out why men are so attracted to a married housewife. Although it’s not like we need any reason to be. Housewives have always been deemed as sexy.

The Cook, They Clean, They Conquer

Men are commonly attracted to women who exhibit the typical qualities of what a woman should be. Housewives spend their days cooking, cleaning and being a good wife/husband. This is very attractive to single men. It gives them the family lifestyle fantasy.

They Are Family Orientated

Men like …

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A Couple Reasons Why Should You Date A Married Man

Why You Should Date A Married Man

The dating world can be tricky. You never really know what you are getting into However, we have interviewed several women on our websites. We have determined the best way to date, is to date a married man. This might seem a bit taboo, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what you want.

There Is No Need For Commitment

When it comes to dating a married man, you don’t have to worry about commitment. Not every woman is the ‘get tied down‘ kind of gal. Some women like having the freedom to be …

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Why Do People Have Affairs?

Why Do People Have Affairs

Married dating is something that most people don’t talk about in polite circles, despite the fact that many, many people like to engage in it and see nothing but positive results from it. It may be an easy thing to condemn on a superficial level, but if we were to further explore the topic, many people would realize that there are a myriad of good reasons why affair dating is so wildly popular and why so many people choose it.

Their Spouse Can’t Have Sex

Sometimes due to illness or disability, a spouse is unable to be intimate. …

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The Most Creative Roleplaying Games While Having An Affair

The Most Creative Roleplaying Games While Having An Affair

Roleplaying games are a fun and exciting way to spice up your sex life with your lover. The purpose of role play is to explore. Sometimes, when we take on roles, we can discover things about ourselves we may not have previously realized. We open up new sexual avenues that we can go down with our current, and maybe even future lovers. Even if roleplaying is new to you, we can guarantee that if you approach it with an open mind, you and your lover will most certainly reap the rewards. There …

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How To Get Her To Leave Her Husband

How To Get Her To Leave Her Husband

So, you’ve met your dream woman-congratulations! There is just one minor hitch to you two getting hitched…she’s already married.

Believe it or not, this does not have to be a deterrent. Sure, married dating is usually all about sex, but, if you find “the one” while engaged in affair dating, then by all means, you should pursue the one you love. Now, since she is married already, she will need a bit of convincing, but, trust us when we say that that is a totally doable mission. Follow these steps and we can guarantee …

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