EasySex.com Is By Far The Best Site For Affair Dating

EasySex.com Is By Far The Best Site For Affair Dating

Why I’ll Always Recommend EasySex.com For Affairs

EasySex.com has made affair dating easier for me then I ever thought that it could be. There’s no hassle, and I’m not afraid for my privacy or discretion. They make those things their top priority, which makes life a hell of a lot easier and much less stressful for their members. I’m an extremely happy and satisfied customer, and I’ll tell you exactly why that is, and why you should use the site too if you’re looking for an affair.

Joining The Affair Dating Site

Joining EasySex.com was the easiest and best thing that I’ve done in a long time. It was very straight-forward and I genuinely didn’t feel like too much of my personal information was being taken, which I was a fan of. I wasn’t nervous about starting my affair journey until I started to sign up for the affair site, but once I saw how seriously they take the privacy of their members, I felt much better about it. I was mostly concerned that my wife would see it on the bill, but their billing is extremely discreet and she never had a clue.



I was using the site for about 2 months before I met the woman I’m still seeing. I don’t use the site as much currently, because I’m having a great affair right now, but I am still a member. I chatted with a few women who I thought seemed interesting, but I was intrigued enough to meet up with 2 of them. The first one was a nice and we had a good time, but she wasn’t into the same things as I am sexually. The second date, my current affair, was a perfect match!

  • 568 message exchanges
  • 4 promising chats
  • 2 sexy dates
  • 1 successful, ongoing affair

Successful Approaches

There a couple of things that I think are important to keep in mind when you’re getting into affair dating, and I think they helped me have success and not get caught.

  • Always Use Discretion Be discreet in everything that you say and do when using the site. Don’t login on your phone computer if you share access to that with your wife. Don’t chat with women on the site if your wife is home. You basically want to do things in a way that will minimize your chances of getting caught.
  • Avoid Talking About Your Wife Unless your affair date complains about their spouse, don’t talk about yours. It’s not sexy to talk about your marriage, or the problems in your marriage, to the person that you’re cheating with. They don’t want to hear and they probably don’t care. You’re both having the affair to escape those marriages, so don’t bring them up during the dates. It’s that much harder to get a break from if it’s all you’re talking about.



There are quite a few pros to using EasySex.com over any other affair dating site. They have a lot of great features for their members, and they aren’t all about communicating with other people. Some of them are things like access to porn, blogs, or forums. These two were my favorite things about the site though:

  • Personalized Lists You can make your own favorites list of profiles that you prefer, a block list for people who you don’t want to contact you, and any other kind of list that might make your life on the site more convenient. It’s an extremely way to keep track of the profiles that you want to access frequently without having to search for them every time.
  • Basic And Advanced Searches Your search options are pretty broad on EasySex, because you can either do a basic search for profiles, or advanced ones. Say you have a profile in mind that you remember seeing – you can use the advanced search to put in what your remember about it to try and find that profile!
  • Special Site Offers I thought it was pretty unique, and great, that the site offers deals from time to time to their members. One month could be a percentage discount on your membership, or a coupon for an affair date, but the fact that an affair dating site has any special offers for their members is pretty unique, at least to me.

Useful Tips

  • Never Give Home Number I shouldn’t have to say this, but it is a helpful tip of sorts – NEVER give your affair date your home phone number, or any number that your wife has access to answering. If you do this, you’re asking to get caught. Only ever give out your work email address, or your personal cell phone number. Make sure that your wife can’t find out by being accidentally contacted by your mistress.


EasySex.com pretty much has their shit together, so I don’t have too many bad things to say about it. Like I mentioned, I’m currently having an affair with someone that I met from using the site for just a couple months, so I’m a very happy camper.

  • Newer Site EasySex is a newer site on the affair dating scene, so it doesn’t have the numbers and member volume that some of the ones that have been around for several years do. However, they are quickly growing and earning their stellar reputation. If you want to browse through thousands of members at one time though, this site might not be for you. I found it much easier to look around when the numbers were more reasonable – I felt like I really got a sense of what these people were like.
  • Some Fake Profiles There were a few of the inevitable phony profiles on the site, but I didn’t come across too many. These profiles were obvious and easily spotted, and once you report them to the site admins, those profiles are removed. So they do have a way to handling those, and more importantly, they actually handle them!

In Conclusion

I would very highly recommend EasySex.com to anyone, especially to those who are looking to have an affair or get into affair dating. It’s an extremely user-friendly site, and they put their member experience before anything else. Membership costs are very reasonable – the last thing you want to do is spend a lot on a dating affair site and invite questions about what it is. The lower the credit card charges the better. And that’s another thing – the billing is very discreet and shows on statements as a generic business name. My wife handles the bills and she hasn’t noticed. She’s a smart cookie too, so that’s really saying something about the discretion of EasySex. This affair dating site legitimately provides a great experience while using it, and genuinely does connect you with people who are also looking for affairs. It took me no time at all to meet the one I’m with now.

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