DO NOT Ever Use – Review

DO NOT Ever Use – Review

Stay Away From

You have no idea what a true scam looks like unless you’ve used They take your money and your time and give you nothing in return. I spent 3 months of my life on this site trying to add some spice to it by having an affair, and that most certainly never happened. My wife still wants to know what I was doing those 3 months, which in itself is a huge problem, but I might not care so much if I’d actually had an affair. But sadly that was not the case.

Joining The Affair Dating Site

It was kind of confusing to me joining the site, but not the process itself. I was suspicious as to why they wanted all of my personal information when their an affair dating site – they shouldn’t take information that goes against discretion, which they did. I still don’t know what they used some of that info for, it definitely wasn’t used to match me with affair partners.



I have nothing to show for the time that I spent on I didn’t meet any actual women to have affairs with, and I highly doubt that I talked to actual women members. I truly believe that the site is full of nothing but suckers like me and bot profiles. I sent a lot of messages trying to meet someone, and got quite a few replies, but none from actual ladies. The messages eventually stopped making sense, and that’s roughly when my suspicions started to kick in. Later than I’d like to admit, sure, but a horny man can excuse a lot of weird things when they think they could get sex – at least I can, clearly. I didn’t meet one of these so-called women in person, and had zero affairs by using this site.

  • 645 messages sent
  • 344 messages received
  • 0 dates
  • No affair


I didn’t like too many things about the site, except maybe their cheap membership fees at first glance. In the end, I ended up more frustrated than anything else, and still horny because I hadn’t met anyone in those 3 months on the site.

  • Membership Fees: I don’t think they should be allowed to charge membership fees, because members get absolutely nothing out of the site. What did I even pay for? This is the biggest sign, to me, that this site is a scam – they’re fully just taking peoples’ money and offering nothing for it.
  • Bot Profiles: I don’t think that even has any real women member on the site. I think that only bot profiles sent me messages, which was pretty clear when I tried keeping up a conversation with them. Their answers made less and less sense the longer I talked to them, and they would never want to actually meet. Why be on an affair dating site if you don’t want to meet people in person? This was another pretty clear sign that this site was a fake.

In Conclusion

I would only recommend to my worst enemy. They’re a fully functioning, and somehow still operating, scam affair dating site. They’re only interested in taking your money, period. You won’t meet anyone, and you’ll end up with a bill to explain to your wife, and feeling like a fool. My buddy recommended that I read an affair dating review or two before I joined anything, but I didn’t, and I quite literally paid for it. Take it from me, and listen when someone tells you something. I’m telling you now – do your research on affair dating sites before you pay to join one, and don’t let yourself get scammed by this site. Stay away from if you’re looking to get into affair dating.

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