Is NOT A Legitimate Affair Dating Site Is NOT A Legitimate Affair Dating Site

You Won’t Have Any Successful Affairs On

If you are really looking to have an affair, then is definitely not where you want to go – unless you want you pay money to waste your time. I personally do not enjoy that, so I was less than impressed with my experience on this site. I wish more than anything that I hadn’t chosen this one over its competitor, but I wanted to give the little guy a shot. Boy, do I regret that decision.

Joining The Affair Dating Site

I didn’t really know what to expect out of signing up to a dating site. I’d never done it before, but I thought it would be relatively simple. I was a little taken aback at how much personal information an affair dating site was requiring from me. I would have thought that with discretion being such an important thing that they would only ask for what was needed, but I feel like they asked for more. The worst thing is that this information wasn’t optional. If you want to continue onto the site and become a member, you have to disclose your address, income, employment, reasons for wanting an affair, and of course, your credit card info. This seemed weird to me, but for some reason I ignored that and continued. That turned out to be big mistake.



I stayed on this site for an entire 3 months, and I have nothing to show for it. My wife’s noticed that I’ve been frustrated lately, and I can 100% attribute that to my shitty time on I joined an affair site because I’m sexually frustrated, and I still am because nothing happened for me here. The members are awful, they aren’t serious about meeting up or having an affair, and the site is terribly designed. Not to mention the ads. But I digress. I messaged with lots of “people” who turned out to be bot profiles, which is pretty embarrassing. I found no dates and had no affairs using

  • 299 messages received
  • 387 messages sent
  • 0 affair dates
  • 0 affairs


I have nothing good to say about I didn’t have any success on it, and I honestly don’t know anyone who has. There’s sort of a community of affair daters, and no one had mentioned this site being successful before. I should’ve listened to them. Anyway, these were the top 2 worst things about

  • Fake Profiles: I believe that of the many women I messaged with, only 20% were real people. The rest were fake profiles manned by bots and staff at the site, with no actual interest in meeting in person. They just want to get and keep members for as long as they can to get your membership fees every month. It’s a total scam.
  • Ads: There are way too many ads on this site. It’s unreasonable, and really poorly planned. The site advertises itself to people who are already members. They’re targeting the wrong people, which only further proves the stupidity behind the people at this site.

In Conclusion

I would never, ever recommend this site to anyone who wants to have an affair. You won’t get anything out of it but wasted time and money. I wish I’d looked into it before I signed up and gave them my personal information. If I had taken 5 minutes out of my day to read even one affair dating review, I would’ve seen that this is a red flag scam site from the start. Unfortunately, I took the stupid route, and assumed it was legit because it looked ok. Never do that. I should have known better, and I paid (literally) for it. If you really want to find an affair, do the research and find a legit site.

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