I’m So Happy I Chose LonelyWivesAffairs.com: User Review

I’m So Happy I Chose LonelyWivesAffairs.com: User Review

LonelyWivesAffairs.com Is The Best Affair Dating Site Online

I was deciding between LonelyWivesAffairs.com and another site, and I could not be happier that I decided to go with this one. I’ve met some amazing women. I was pretty skeptical about actually being able to meet someone using an affair dating site, but I was pleasantly surprised and happy to say that I was wrong to be weary of this particular affair site. It’s been a fantastic experience and I’d encourage anyone looking for an affair to get into it.

Joining The Affair Dating Site

The registration for LonelyWivesAffairs.com was as straight-forward as I would expect it would be to sign up for a new dating site. The exception here being the options available for the actual membership. They have the standard option, which is free, a silver membership tier, and a gold membership option. I hadn’t seen that before on dating site, I’d really only been aware of a free, basic membership and then a premium one, so it was nice to be able to choose how involved you wanted to be on the site.



I was extremely happy with my results using this affair site. I went on quite a few dates with some great ladies, and had two successful affairs during that time as well. I’ve been using this site for about 6 months, and I have no plans to stop using it any time soon. I started going out with women on the site pretty much right away, there was no waiting around which I also liked. I felt like things were happening and I was getting my money’s worth for the membership. I obviously still feel this way, as I’m still using the site! And my wife has no idea!

  • 845 messages exchanged
  • 6 chats
  • 5 dates
  • 2 affairs

Successful Approaches

Attitude is more important than you’d think in online dating, so this is the one approach that I took and I really think it made a difference for me – in the best way!

  • Be Positive Women who are looking for someone to have an affair don’t want to be surrounded by negativity – they have enough of that in their marriage. Be a positive person in this respect, and provide that uplifting attitude that she’s looking for. I found that simply having a positive attitude toward the whole experience made a huge impact on how successful I was on the site.



There were quite a few features on LonelyWivesAffairs.com that I really liked. I found a few of them to be pretty unique as well, in that I haven’t seen them on other sites before.

  • Profile Enhancements You have the option to “enhance” your profile on the page, which basically brings more attention and traffic to it. This is a pay service, but it’s really inexpensive and worth it if you want to meet a lot of women at one time! I did this during my first week on the site and I was overwhelmed by how quickly it took effect. The same day I was being contacted by 5 times more women than I was prior to doing that, so it does work.
    Cupid Matches The site will suggest matches for you based on your profile and preferences. On a site that has thousands of members, this is an incredibly helpful feature. Even better is that the feature actually works. The matches are relevant, and I did end up contacting a few of the women that were suggested matches for me, so they did a pretty accurate job on that one.
  • Multi Level Membership Options I mentioned this but I was just so impressed with this offer. If you don’t want to pay premium prices but you want more than your basic membership, you can have a silver membership, which gives you more access to features than you get with the basic, but a little bit less than the gold. It’s a perfect medium.

Useful Tips

If I could offer any pieces of advice, I would have to go with these two:

  • Play The Field When your online for affair dating, you want to keep your options open. It’s not about settling for someone you kind of like or are somewhat attracted to – play the field and find women you really connect with and are attracted to. Don’t settle in an affair, exceed you own expectations.
  • Upgrade Membership I found that the best way to use the site was to upgrade my membership from the standard. You get an idea of the site with a standard membership, but you don’t have access to all of the features that are offered unless you upgrade. Do yourself a favor and have either silver or gold account on here. The features are immensely helpful in navigating the site and meeting sexy women for affairs.


I did notice a couple of things on the site that I didn’t love, but as I’m still using it, clearly I wasn’t that bothered. The things that I think could be improved upon are:

  • Not Many Free Member Features The standard membership is bare-bones, and basically doesn’t allow access to the best parts of the site. To find any real success on the site, you pretty much have to upgrade your account. I think the site could offer some features to the standard members, while reserving the better features for upgraded ones.
  • Ads I found that there were a few too many ads on the site for my liking. Obviously ads are part and parcel of running an online business, but they were a nuisance to me as a user. I loathe pop-ups and I did have to deal with them on here. However, if those didn’t drive me away from the site, you can probably deal with them as well. Thankfully, none of these ads disabled anything so I was still able to browse and use the site when they came up, I just had to exit them which was simple enough. Still, get rid of those.

In Conclusion

I would very highly recommend LonelyWivesAffairs.com. It’s a fantastic affair dating site that caters to it’s members better than any other site that I’ve seen. It’s private and discreet, which are obviously the most important parts of affair dating, but they go above and beyond as far as I’m concerned. They offer entertainment sections in terms of blogs and articles relating to affair dating, so you can get some date ideas or tips if you need them. They do exactly what they claim to and I’m happy to be able to say that because I have friends who have absolute horror stories from the affair dating sites that they’ve used in the past. I’m recommending them to this site as we speak, and telling them to give affair dating another shot, because it’s all about making sure that you choose the right site.

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