Why I Regret Using MaritalAffairs.com – User Review

Why I Regret Using MaritalAffairs.com – User Review

Don’t Waste Your Time On MaritalAffairs.com

If MaritalAffairs.com knew how to operate as a real affair dating site, then I wouldn’t have been caught using it. My wife found out, and I lost everything. The whole appeal of an affair dating site is the discretion and privacy behind them, but this one most definitely doesn’t offer that at all. The billing offers zero discretion, so if I hadn’t been the one in charge of the bills my wife definitely would’ve found out sooner. I shouldn’t have had to worry about this. Anyway, here’s is why the site sucks.

Joining The Affair Dating Site

MaritalAffairs.com was easy enough to sign up for, I don’t have any particular complaints about that process. I just filled in some profile information about what I was looking for in an affair, signed up for premium membership by upgrading my account and paying membership fees. All of this seemed pretty standard to me, so nothing stood out until I started to actually use the site.



I was a member of MaritalAffairs.com for three months before my wife caught me, and I wish I could say that it was worth it. She was looking at our credit card transactions, and there was the site name! Not discreet at all. She obviously knew what it was just by looking at it. She left me. I didn’t even have an affair to show for it. I didn’t meet anyone, went on no dates, and sent a good number of messages to try to do so. I whole-heartedly blame MaritalAffairs.com for the end my marriage, because their billing should have been as discreet as they claimed it was, when it wasn’t in any way.

  • Sent 482 messages
  • Got 199 messages
  • No dates
  • 1 ended marriage
  • No affairs


I really have nothing but bad things to say about MaritalAffairs.com, except for perhaps their simple registration process.

  • Ads: The site had far too many ads that were aimed at the wrong audience. We’re already premium members of the site, no need to advertise the benefits of upgrading to people who have already done it.
  • Technical Issues: The site was rife with technical problems, and it was pretty unreasonable how many there were. Each page had trouble loading, and required multiple page refreshes to finally load. Pop-up ads would disable most of the search pages that I tried to access, and none of these issues were on my end, I’m positive. It’s just a poorly maintained site.
  • Indiscreet Billing: This one takes the cake. Their billing makes no effort whatsoever to be discreet and hide what kind of dating website they are. They should NOT be billing statements with their actual site name, which is exactly what they do. I really wonder how many marriages were ended simply because of this stupidity. I was so angry when I saw that, I called my lawyer to see if I could take any legal action against them. I couldn’t at the time, unfortunately, but I’m still pursuing options in that area.

In Conclusion

Do what I didn’t and read reviews on affair dating sites before you join any, especially if you plan to give them your credit card information. Make sure that the site is reputable, and has proven discretion in every way they operate. This is all stuff that I wish more than anything I had taken the time to do. But I was excited at the possibilities, so I neglected to do things the smart way, and I paid for it in more ways than one. It might have been worth losing my wife and kids if I had been able to experience the excitement of an affair, but I just experienced a bunch of frustration and anger and pretty much nothing else.

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