Is Not The Place To Find An Affair Is Not The Place To Find An Affair

Don’t Bother Trying To Find An Affair On

I wish someone had told me how terrible was before I signed up, so that’s what I’m doing here – warning everyone that it’s not legit. It’s nothing but a major waste of time and energy that won’t result in anything happening for you at all. I’m trying to turn my time on the time into a positive by warning any other potential users that they should not sign up for this site, and should find one that has been proven to be good!

Joining The Affair Dating Site wasn’t complicated to sign up for, I don’t think there was anything that surprised me or caught me off guard while I was registering to become a member. I’ve never used online dating before so I don’t know what the standard process would be to join one, but I think this site fell under that category – create a profile, upload a couple of photos and say something about yourself. Done and done. I did upgrade my membership because I kept being prompted to and I figured that it would better my odds of meeting someone for an affair, but I would’ve had the same results and kept my money had I kept it basic.



After 3 months on, I’m disappointed to say that I met nobody and found zilch. I could have hung around in bars trying to meet women to have affairs with an spent less money, and wasted less of my time. I can’t believe that a site dedicated solely to affair dating is so ineffective – and they charge money for their pointless “service”. In the 3 months I spent on MarriedSecrets, I had one date scheduled, and she stood me up. Talk about good quality members. I was so fed up at that point that I just quit. No more of this site for me.

  • 532 message exchanges
  • 1 date
  • 1 stand up
  • 0 affairs


I couldn’t possibly list all of my dislikes of MarriedSecrets on this one page. No one wants to read that much. I will say that there were two things that stood out more than anything else because of the sheer frustration of the experience.

  • Poor Quality Members: The members on MarriedSecrets are terrible. They’re either not real profiles, or they’re old women looking for a pay off. These people are on the wrong dating site – they’re looking for a sugar daddy situation, which is ridiculous to do on an affair site. Not only are the inconsiderate (standing me up), but they’re stupid for that reasoning alone. Why would you turn to a site that’s all about discretion if you’re looking for a sugar daddy? Nothing about that is discreet.
  • Not User Friendly: Navigating the site itself was a nightmare. It’s definitely not user friendly at all. The links go nowhere, the pages constantly have to be refreshed, and nothing is straight-forward. You have to spend way too much time looking around the site for simple things like features or profile searches. These are things that should be front and centre, not hidden to be searched for. I was so annoyed every single time I used the site; it’s the complete opposite of user-friendly.

In Conclusion

If this is the only affair dating site review that you read, then let it be known that you made the right choice. You now know NEVER to use if you want to find someone to have an affair with. It’s a terribly made site with no thought about how it would be for members to use it, and the members you’re looking for affairs with are equally terrible. The all around quality of the site is just beyond poor – I would never recommend it to anyone, ever.

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