Why I Wish I’d Never Signed Up For VictoriaMilan.com

Why I Wish I’d Never Signed Up For VictoriaMilan.com

Don’t Waste Your Time On VictoriaMilan.com

If I could go back in time and change anything from the past 3 months, I would tell myself NOT to join VictoriaMilan.com. I got caught thanks to them. They have zero concept of discretion and privacy, which is ridiculous because it’s a site made for people who need those exact things for their affairs to work. I’m extremely unhappy with my experience on this affair dating site.

Joining The Affair Dating Site

It was easy to join VictoriaMilan.com, the same as most other dating sites I’d imagine. They made sure to direct me to the payment page, really before I even able to assess anything about the site. That should’ve been red flag #1, but I’ll be honest – I was really horny and just wanted to meet someone to hook up with ASAP. Once all was said and done I started to browse around the site, and was not impressed by what I saw.



Somehow I spent 3 months trying to meet someone to have an affair with on VictoriaMilan.com. I had 2 dates with other women (no sex, just one date each), and then the bill came and – lo and behold! – the site used its name on my credit card bill. Are you kidding me?! What kind of idiot CEO would allow their company to blatantly rat on the members they’re claiming to want to help. I was livid. So was my wife. I’m currently in talks with a lawyer about a potential lawsuit against them, as well as separation from my angry wife.

  • 445 message exchanges
  • 2 affair dates
  • 1 suspicious wife
  • 0 successful affairs


So many downsides. I won’t have enough room to state all of my dissatisfactions with VictoriaMilan.com, so I’ll stick to the two that angered me the most.

  • Extreme Lack Of Discretion: As I mentioned, this site has absolutely no concept of how to be discreet, in the one type of dating that requires extremely discretion. I still cannot believe how they operate that way. They essentially set their members up for failure by luring them into false sense of security, only to throw that all out the window and their ruin their marriages when given the first opportunity. Billing for this kind of site should never mention the site by name, which you would think would be obvious, but the people at VictoriaMilan never got that memo.
  • Expensive Fees: The membership fees that they charge so carelessly were way too expensive for what they offer. They don’t have many features to help members connect with other members, and basically require them to do all of the work themselves. For what their fees are, they should definitely be providing some kind of incentive for people to stay with them. If they were a legitimate affair dating site they might do that, but I learned the hard way that they aren’t.

In Conclusion

Don’t do what I did and join a site without reading affair dating reviews first. I so badly regret that decision – I could be having a passionate, successful affair right now if I’d chosen a legitimate affair dating site. I’m usually a lot smarter than that, but I thought with my dick before using my head for a while and that’s where I went wrong. I’m too old to let that happen, and I’ve certainly learned from that mistake. Now that I’m separated, I’m free to date whoever I want, but I’m busy with my impending lawsuit against VictoriaMilan.com to get out there. This site has disrupted my entire life, and that is definitely NOT what I signed up for when I joined an affair dating site. Take it from me – do your research. And whatever you do, stay away from VictoriaMilan!

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